We have launched 44 ways to express your love and dedication for the UAE, spread the love! And show us how you do it in your own way!

1.  To sacrifice my life in allegiance to the Emirates and to protect the independence of its territory.
2. To defend the nation and make it a sacred duty within myself.
3.  To respect the Emirates’ constitution, laws, culture and traditions.
4.  To know the history of the UAE leaders and owe them my love and loyalty.
5.   To learn from the UAE leaders how to develop civilization, hope and happiness in the heart of the residents.
6.   To learn the history of the UAE, its achievements and its role in the world, both past and present.
7.    To learn how the UAE & its leaders love all the people in the world.
8.    To be transparent and cooperative with all the different institutions of the country, in order to sustain security and stability.
9.   To join national celebrations and spread the national spirit and belonging in myself and others
10.  To speak the Arabic language, and master the local dialect and try to teach people who don’t speak it.
11.  To refrain from spreading rumors and incorrect information through all media and social media platforms.
12.   To only take information from verified sources.
13.   To preserve the UAE’s resources and to work towards developing them.
14.   To work on consolidating the UAE’s excellence and its role as a leading country.
15.   To not tarnish the UAE’s reputation by negative behaviour abroad.
16.   To not behave inappropriately or in a manner that troubles others and reflects negatively on the UAE’s image.
17.  To not interfere in other people’s business or breach their privacy, and help promote the culture of peace that already exists in the UAE.
18. To preserve public property and public money, and advice others not to misuse them, and demonstrate that it is the duty of each citizen or resident to preserve them.
19.   To use the internet and social media platforms positively safely and securely, in accordance with the law.
20.  To respect my parents, honour them and to work towards their happiness, and love all the members of my family.
21.  To respect my teachers, love my school, respect my colleagues, and strive to excel at my studies
22.  To do voluntary work and help others to promote the UAE’s charitable and humanitarian spirit.
23.  To be fully ready when the duty calls in times of disasters and distress.
24.  To be proud of my country and to participate in its military and humanitarian efforts righto make the world a better place, and helping those in need.
25.  To be proud of the nation protectors, and to instill in myself and others that being a soldier is an honor, a pride and a glory to all of us.
26.  To help people with disabilities and offer them all kind of support, and consider them a crucial part of society.
27.   To advise my friends on the dangers of bad habits; such as violence and abusing one another.
28.   To advise my friends about the dangers of drugs, substance abuse and smoking.
29.  To respect other people’s traditions and culture.
30.  To be careful, and holding on and spreading the country’s religious and ideological views, and resist ideological and religious extremists.
31.  To work on building a career that will serve my country.
32.  To conserve water and electricity, and to support the UAE in developing the renewable energy industry.
33.  To be conscious about the importance of savings and investments, and to be economically responsible in order to support the UAE’s economy.
34.   To take pride of the UAE flag everywhere and work on lifting it wherever I was and invest in all the different events to enhance the position of the uae flag
35.   To protect the environment, and support recycling operations.
36.   To know that my only duty and reference is my country, represented in the leadership of the nation and the laws in all of its specialization.
37.  To respect and cherish all my family members.
38.  To positively engage in social media, in order to interact with different members of society.
39.  To read and utilize my knowledge to serve the UAE.
40. To be sincere, dedicated and professional in my life.
41.   To avoid any suspicious or unlawful gatherings.
42.    To protect myself and my family, and not give away any information to a non-official entity.
43.  To learn innovative and creative skills, that can benefit the UAE community.
44.   To learn problem solving and decision making skills.

As for number 45, in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the UAE’s establishment, we invite you to participate positively, and express your love for the UAE in your own style.